A very common question about Clinton engines is, “Where can I get parts?”  The good news is that while Clinton has been gone for thirty years, and the parts for their older engines stopped being manufactured long before that, there is still a decent supply.  Please keep in mind, however, that 30, 40, 50 or more years on a shelf still takes its toll.  So, while metal parts are either unaffected or have minimal surface rust from years of humidity and/or condensation forming on them, more “organic” things don’t age so well.  Cork, for instance, can become as hard as rock but as brittle as an egg shell.  Rubber, like those used in seals, can become non-pliable.  You get the point.  So, NOS (new old stock) and used parts can indeed be found but nobody has everything and don’t expect it’ll look like something that was made last month.

Three sources for parts are:

Larry Rarus  (this site)

PLEASE NOTE:  I do not have any outboard parts or manuals

Lincoln, Rhode Island

Charlie Pitcher

Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

Jim Freshman

Blanchard, Idaho

Outboard engine fuel connector:  Are you looking for the fuel connector which mates a rubber gas line to the outboard engine itself?  If so, you’re in luck!  New ones have long since become unavailable.  Jim Freshman (contact info shown immediately above) has a number of them available for purchase.  Please contact Jim directly sooner rather than later so that you won’t miss your opportunity to obtain one of these extremely hard to come by parts.

SAF-T-VUE air cleaner bowl:  Requests for replacement bowls are common.  Being plastic, they were unable to stand the test of time like a metal unit could.  Manufacturing of these ended a long, long, time ago.  NOS ones can be found but they’re often brittle and usually yellowed.  Fortunately, Jim has commissioned the reproduction of these units and they should become available in early 2019.  If you’d like to reserve one or more for yourself, please contact Jim directly (contact info shown immediately above).