service and accessory bulletins


SB=service bulletin,  AB=accessory bulletin, sl=service letter

SB-1    Warranty and service procedure

SB-3    Lift carburetor for models 402, 403, 408 & 409

SB-4    Chrome re-ring sets

SB-5    Hor & vert shaft 4-cycle Alumalloy & hor 2-cycle Alumalloy short blocks

SB-6    Application and maintenance of new polyurethane air cleaner

SB-7    Loose screws (Loctite kits)

SB-8    Gas cap / breaker points / block oil seal / high tension lead / oil distributor

SB-9    Proper lubricating oil

SB-10  Oil loss through breather assembly - vertical shaft Gem engines

SB-11  Dynaspark installation, servicing and inspection

SB-12  Flex line usage (fuel and breather)

SB-13  New and redesigned replacement crankcase breathers

SB-15  Special warranty instructions for Wester Auto Supply (over-speeding)

SB-16  Surging condition on some vertical shaft engines (field fix)

SB-17  Oil pump failure on 413 series / variable speed kit for 494 - 498 series

SB-18  Micro seal foam air cleaners

SB-18A Standardization of old foam air cleaners to new Micro Seal on vert shaft

SB-19  Re-designed air vane governor

SB-48  Gasket kits (depletion of originals superseded by universals)

SB-54  Special tools that may be required for servicing all Clinton engines

SB-70  Surging on model VS1100-126

SB-73  Recoil starter installation instructions

SB-81  Maximum speed of rotary mowers

SB-85  Checklist for servicing rotary lawn mowers / carb adj. to reduce vibration

SB-88  Valve servicing

SB-89  Recoil starter cup modification due to dirt build-up

SB-91  Impulse starter installation instructions

SB-92  Change in carburetor inlet seats (6-threads vs. 3-threads)

SB-93  Servicing the impulse starter

SB-94  Impulse starter (heavy duty, low profile standard, low profile compact)

SB-95  FV3100 engine speed variation

SB-96  Replacement of fuel tank on 426 series engines

SB-97  Installation of re-designed oil distributor and rod lock

SB-98  Replacement 170-128-500 muffler on 2-cycle

SB-99  Re-designed oil distributors

SB-100 Snorkel blower housing

SB-102 New large starter pulley for models 412, 413, 414, 418, 420, 422, 494, 498

SB-103 Breaker point pushrod shield

SB-104 Flywheel alternator-magneto

AB-106 Idler mounting kit for models 492, 494 & 498

SB-107 Recoil starter center screw size change

AB-108 Snorkel air cleaner kit

SL June 1, 1964 Seven items addressed