tech data


Useful information that isn’t found everywhere

Summary of all the model numbers

An extremely informative booklet on all their models at the time of printing

Service clearances; tolerances & specifications; torque data

Radio Shielding

Starter-generator part numbers and installation instructions

Lighting and non-lighting coils

Flywheel starter with alternator and rectifier

RH-Series Carburetor Service Info

Carburetor identification; air cleaners too

Engine base identification and specifications; horizontal, vertical and PTO

Crankshaft specifications / dimensions (this is a 32-page doc and 23.4MB in size)


Breaker points cam identification

Camshaft Identification

Magneto Identification

Quick reference parts guide; this is actually 22” x 17” and 16.5MB in size; be sure to zoom in for proper viewing

What’s the correct spark plug for my old Clinton?  (See item 20)

E65 hop-up modifications as suggested by Clinton (although this looks homemade it is a genuine Clinton internal document)

Red Horse series operations and maintenance guide



Auxiliary Power Take-Off Assemblies

Direct mounted clutch with PTO


Electric Starter

Below Deck Electric Starter

Fuel Pump